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Our Story

Continuum Pediatric Nursing’s story is the story of thousands of children and families who are able to live together and celebrate life’s simple pleasures: a good night’s sleep; joyous holidays together; experiencing life’s milestones. We believe in the possibility of a better future and work every day to make that a reality for our patients and families.

We evolved from a company that staffed nursing personnel in various healthcare settings in the ‘80s, including hospitals and nursing homes. When some of our nurses developed a special bond with a patient in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, they were asked to help transition that baby home to her family.

From that experience, Continuum began its tireless advocacy on behalf of families, expanding the possibilities of home care for children that, up until then, had been limited to acute or long-term care. We’re proud to have cared for the first child in Northern Virginia to return home from the hospital on a ventilator. Since then, we’ve continued gaining the skills, talented professionals, and experience with evolving technology to change the lives of hundreds of families throughout the regions we serve.

Caregivers Are Why We Exist

Continuum Pediatric Nursing knows our team of dedicated and compassionate caregivers are the reason we exist. In addition to our extensive nursing services, we provide care management support, including advising on the coordination of benefits, pharmacy, and home medical equipment. We’re here to work with families, discharge planners, and insurance company representatives to ensure a successful transition and less stressful provision of care in the home.

Our Mission

Deliver the highest quality of nursing care with compassion and kindness to patients in their homes while respecting the unique needs of each patient and their family.

Provide a cost-effective continuum of care adjusted to the special needs of each patient.

Encourage a professional and supportive environment for employees that promotes competency expansion through education and training.

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