Because Your Health & Well Being Is Important, Too

For almost any parent, your child’s health and well-being is always your top concern and priority. But to be effective and resilient parents, it’s equally important you take care of yourself. Maintaining some balance, attending to your own health and wellness, and enjoying your life is vital.

Respite Care from Continuum Pediatric Nursing will help you recharge and renew yourself, address other responsibilities and family members, and give you time outside your home to focus on friends and recreational pursuits. Our nurses and home health aides (in selected locations) are here to provide short-term care for your child if you need a “time out” while still remaining fully involved in managing their care. And, in some locations, Respite care can not only be provided in the home but can offer an additional set of hands to help out when you travel!

If you are interested in hearing more about the respite options that may be available to you and regain some balance in your life, please reach out to your local office for details.