When Your Little One is Growing Up, We’re Here for You

As a parent, you know as medically complex children grow up their needs change, too. That’s why continuity of care is so important, and Continuum Pediatric Nursing focuses on making sure our medical care is responsive, delivering optimal support at the appropriate age and developmental stage.

Our medical teams often work with families for many years, so they understand your child’s specific needs and conditions, even as they move forward in life from adolescence into adulthood. This includes changing insurances, community support, medical technologies, and more. We have the resources and experience to continue providing care for your child through adulthood. Our case managers will work with you in identifying and enrolling in available programs to continue supporting your loved one as they continue to grow and thrive in your home.

We’re honored to be considered part of your extended family, and we’re committed to supporting and celebrating your child as they progress through life’s milestones.