To Our Clients, their Families, Community Stakeholders, Current and Prospective Staff,

From the onset of the current public health crisis Continuum has been pro-active in supporting our staff and patient families to minimize the risk and impact of COVID-19 and ensure uninterrupted services for our patients. Following you will find the latest information regarding Continuum’s management of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

While some of our staff members are working remotely in consideration of state and local guidance, all offices, departments and activities of our organization are now, and will remain, fully functioning throughout this public health emergency. From the initial outbreak we have sent multiple communications advising our staff on proper hygiene and preventative measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Initiated in March 2020, our Staff Attestation form serves as the foundation of our COVID-19 risk assessment procedure. All active staff have completed this form, and we are taking action related to reported risks following CDC guidelines. Thorough communication of any potential exposure will be shared with affected families immediately.

We ask that our clients and their family support our efforts by following the CDC guidance on COVID-19 household planning for personal health habits and everyday preventative actions found here: Please see below for links to other helpful information. If there is exposure in your home, or if you or one of your family members exhibits symptoms, we ask that you inform Continuum.

Since early 2021 we have worked to facilitate vaccination for all of our staff, with particular emphasis on our caregivers. We are confident that through vaccination along with ongoing training and education on proper hygiene and preventative measures we will continue to provide the highest level of safety to our staff, patients and their families. We are available twenty-four hours a day, every day, to listen and react to any concerns you may have.


Joe Green, President
Kathy Mitchell, National Director of Nursing
Erin Jones, National Administrator