Changing Lives by Changing What's Possible

We are the leading pediatric home care employer in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Norfolk metropolitan areas.

Proud to be the employer of choice in pediatric home healthcare.

Privately Owned, Nurse Managed

Continuum Pediatric Nursing Services evolved from a company that staffed nursing personnel in various healthcare settings, including hospitals and nursing homes.  After developing a special bond with a baby in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, some of Continuum’s nurses were asked to help transition this baby home to her family.  From this experience, Continuum began advocating for families, expanding the possibilities of home care for children who would have previously been limited to acute or long-term care as their only options.  By caring for the first child in Northern Virginia to come home from the hospital on a ventilator, Continuum ultimately gained the expertise necessary to change the lives of hundreds of families throughout the regions we serve.  From the beginning, Continuum has been all about nursing – and taking care of our most valuable resource, our nurses.

Today, over twenty five years later, Continuum is the preeminent provider of pediatric home care in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC,  Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Norfolk metropolitan areas; having helped countless families maximize their health care benefits as well as maintain their home life with an ill child. In doing so, children who otherwise would have perhaps been institutionalized have thrived in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by the love and support of their families.   We are proud to be the most trusted name in home care for this special patient population.  And we are equally proud to have hired and trained some of the nations very best pediatric RNs and LPNs to provide this care.  We recognize that if we take care of our nurses, they will take better care of our patients.

Our patients’ diagnoses range from extreme prematurity to genetic illnesses to various medical anomalies.  Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), persistent pulmonary hypertension, apnea, impaired suck/swallow, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption, reactive airway disease, muscular dystrophy, and mitochondrial disease are among some of the specific issues Continuum’s patients face.  These medically complex children are dependent upon high technology medical support including feeding tubes, tracheostomies, and mechanical ventilation.

To maintain the highest quality of care, Continuum leads the home care industry in offering training opportunities to ensure our clinical staff is always knowledgeable of progressive, best practices.