Attention Pediatric Nurses! Thinking About Joining an Agency? Here are 5 Things to Consider

Attention Pediatric Nurses! Thinking About Joining an Agency? Here are 5 Things to Consider

As a pediatric nurse, you have many career options and work environments to choose from, depending on your skills, training and interests. After all, it’s no secret that there’s a shortage of nurses and your skills are in high demand. For many LPNs or RNs, joining an in-home pediatric nursing agency like Continuum Pediatric Nursing offers many benefits, such as scheduling flexibility, competitive pay, and, of course, working with children and grateful families.

Not surprisingly, there are many different nursing agencies to choose from, all of whom are worthy of consideration, and each offers unique benefits and drawbacks. So how do you choose one, and how will you know if an agency will be a good fit for you before “signing on the bottom line”?

Below are five things every pediatric nurse should consider before joining an agency:

Understand the company culture

As an applicant, you’ll want to understand the culture and values of the agency thoroughly. For example, will you be treated as “just a number” when you reach out to discuss something? Or will they know your name and finds ways to connect and listen to your concerns? As a company, do they support their staff and check all your boxes for flexibility or training opportunities? These are critical nuances sometimes overlooked when nurses are evaluating their options for an in-home pediatric nursing agency.

Is there is an opportunity for growth?

When joining a company, it is always good to know about opportunities for personal and professional growth. This can mean education, skills training, or advanced roles. You are in the driver’s set of managing your career, so look for an organization offering you the chance to evolve and learn in your profession.

Will the agency protect your license?

The agency should be regularly providing updates about any changes that are happening in real-time. As COVID-19 has pushed back license extensions, CPR classes, and other essential certification renewals, you should be getting updated information and guidance about protecting your license from the agency.

Training opportunities

Medical technology and best practices in pediatric nursing are always changing, so training and retraining are essential. As a nurse, you must have CPR every two years, CEU’s, and participate in skills fairs. Is this something they offer onsite, or do you have to go offsite? Is there an opportunity for trach, vent, gtube, lift, or other new staff training? Has the agency given an overview of their onboarding process and how it may affect you as a nurse?

Ask the questions you need answered

Lastly, write down a list of questions that move the needle for you when deciding on an agency. You are the only person that knows your needs and direction. So don’t be shy and ask questions!

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